Jul. 28, 2017

I Continue to Oppose Bad Budgeting and Tax Increases


This week in Harrisburg, the Senate sent to the House a package of legislation designed to increase revenue (read…taxes) and increase borrowing in order to close a budget gap. I stand strongly opposed to increased taxes and borrowing.

The Senate (with the tacet support of the Wolf administration) proposes to tax the Marcellus Shale drillers (who already pay state business taxes and an impact fee), raise taxes on electric service, reinstate a tax on natural gas usage in your home, tax your phone or cell service, up taxes on fireworks and more.
This is a travesty and is unacceptable!

I assure you I will not vote for higher taxes to take more of your hard-earned money away from you and ship it to Harrisburg.

I did not vote for the spending plan in the first place. This is no way to run our state government.

I hope you will join me in this opposition effort to protect your wallets! You can visit my website at RepDiamond.com, my Facebook page at Facebook.com/RepDiamond, or call my district office at (717) 277-2101.

I am always glad to hear from you!