Rep. Diamond Interviews Shay and Seth Miller At 2020 Farm Show

At Pennsylvania's 104th Annual Farm Show, State Rep. Russ Diamond interviews Lebanon County Fair Queen Shay Miller, and her brother Seth who are attending the Farm Show.

Diamond Comments On HB 196

State Rep. Russ Diamond makes closing remarks about his HB 196.

Regional Appellate Court Districts

State Rep. Russ Diamond will be introducing legislation to amend the PA Constitution to change the way Pennsylvania elects appellate court judges. Specifically, my legislation would divide the Commonwealth into nine (9) Commonwealth Court districts, fifteen (15) Superior Court districts, and seven (7) Supreme Court districts.

The Allen Theater

State Rep. Russ Diamond talks with the new owners of the Allen Theater who offer a brief history of the theater which is located in Annville, and comments about the benefits a local theater has to offer over the megaplexes.

Diamond Comments On C.O.S.

State Rep. Russ Diamond offers his comments on a Resolution that is intended to reign in the Federal Government by creating a Convention of States.

Diamond Opposes Tobacco Bill

State Rep. Russ Diamond opposes a bill that would allow military members 18 years of age or over to purchase and smoke tobacco products.

Diamond On Hidden Predator Act

State Rep. Russ Diamond comments on the Hidden Predator Act law.

Visiting The Isaac Meier Homestead

State Rep. Russ Diamond tours the Isaac Meier Homestead in Lebanon County. Isaac Meier was the founder of Myerstown, PA.

First Responders and Our Communities

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives recently passed several bills aimed at addressing the crisis facing police, EMS, and other first responders. Rep. Russ Diamond comments on why taking action for our helpers and heroes is so important for our communities.

Rep. Diamond Questions Ballot Information

State Rep. Russ Diamond questions SB 421 and the requirements counties have concerning the timelines about absentee ballot information.